Milchhandel mit Milchrohstoff

About us

LHA Krause GmbH
International foodstuffs trading agency

LHA Krause GmbH has been operating in the international raw dairy products trade since 1996. We consistently ensure that the milk gets to where it is needed when it is needed.

LHA Krause GmbH’s strong market position is based on our special strengths:
  • Up-to-date information about the supply and demand situation relating to the various raw dairy products in Germany and throughout Europe.

  • Excellent reliability due to a robust financial position and due to meeting the supply deadlines and fulfilling the quality guarantees that are agreed for the wide range of specific product formulations.

  • Flexibility as regards product formulations and products quantities.

  • Trading flexibility due to our large number of business partners. This makes it very probable that appropriate supply items will be able to be identified for existing demands.

  • The undertaking of medium-term forward and high-volume trading transactions as a result of variations in levels of supply and demand.

  • Reliable logistical processing due to the careful selection of suitable shippers whilst taking account of specific customer requirements.