Milchhandel mit Milchrohstoff

Range of services

LHA Krause GmbH specialises in the trading of raw dairy products.
Milk is a natural raw material and its production is consequently also subject to seasonal
and regional fluctuations. Our task is to smooth out these variations in quantities. We ensure that the right amount of the required raw dairy products is always in the right place at the right time..

Besides LHA Krause GmbH have a valid eco-certification at it's disposal which allows the company to deal in organic milk products. Our current eco-control-code is „DE-ÖKO-003“.

Furthermore, we are certified in no genetic engineering (GMO free) which is getting more and more relevant nowadays.

Additionally, there is a certificate available regarding the compliance with regulations of the so-called "QS-System" (quality protection) for meat and meat products on the level of "feeding stuff commerce" with the mode "production of animal feeding stuff" (dairy goods) in the sector of commerce.
LHA's QS-ID reads as follows: 4048473523516 (call number: F00000338)

The raw dairy products traded by us include:
  • raw milk
  • skimmed milk
  • skimmed milk concentrate
  • full cream milk concentrate
  • cream
  • sweet cream butter milk
  • sweet cream butter milk concentrate
  • sour cream butter milk
  • sweet whey concentrate
  • sweet whey
  • milk permeate
  • milk permeate concentrate
  • whey permeate concentrate
  • pasteurised milk
  • organic raw milk
  • organic skimmed milk
  • organic skimmed milk concentrate
  • organic cream
  • pasteurised organic milk
  • raw milk no genetic engineering
  • skimmed milk no genetic engineering
  • skimmed milk concentrate no genetic engineering
  • cream no genetic engineering
  • whey no genetic engineering
  • sweet cream butter milk no genetic engineering
  • pasteurized milk no genetic engineering
  • skimmed milk powder
  • full cream milk powder
  • sweet whey powder
  • butter milk powder
  • lightly soured butter, 10/25 kg blocks
  • butter made from sour cream, 10/25 kg blocks